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Patrycja KujawskaPatrycja Kujawska

Poland, Performer / Violinist

Patrycja studied at Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland, graduating in violin. Before moving to UK in 2005 she worked extensively with physical theatre Dada von Bzdulow, City Theatre in Gdynia, Non-Cabaret in Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. She danced in shows choreographed by Tatiana Baganova and Avi Kaiser.
Patrycja wrote music for the short animation film, a dance piece “Face”, “Soundtrack for the sculptures “ inspired by work of French sculptor Sabrina Gruss, as well as co composing the music for VDT’s ‘Test Run”. From 2008 she has worked with Kneehigh. Shows include “Don John” (co-production with Royal Shakespeare Company), “Midnight’s Pumpkin” as well as critically acclaimed “The Red Shoes”, and “The Wild Bride” which toured USA (New York, San Francisco), Australia and New Zealand.

For VDT Patrycja has made and toured “Drop Dead Gorgeous”(2001), “Let The Mountains Lead You To Love” (2003), “Punch Drunk” (2004), “Broken Chords” (2005), “Fairy Tale”(2006), “Test Run”(2006, 2008) and “If We GO On”(2009).

Patrycja lives in Bristol.

“Patrycja Kujawska, one of the dancers is also a first rate violinist” New York Times, John Rockwell

“Patrycja Kujawska once again uses her impressive physicality and superbly expressive features to round out a character without speaking a single word” Tracey Sinclair, Exeunt

“We don't see this rough, muscular style very often, and Kujawska in particular is mesmerising.”
Sydney Morning Herald, Jason Blake

“The physical prowess of our heroine, played expertly by Patrycja Kujawska, deserves a special mention, truly capturing the anguish of her character’s curse to never stop dancing through her fantastically flaying movements and frantic tapping.” University of Warwick newspaper




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