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Press reviews banner image credit Bosie VincentPress reviews banner image credit Bosie Vincent
  • SHUT DOWN Film Installation: a piece of provocation

    By Louisa Streeting

    The Badger, 30 April 2018

  • SHUT DOWN LIVE: Exeunt

    By Rohanne Udall

    Exeunt, 7 December 2017

    In this way Shut Down seems to present simultaneously a manifesto, a rebellion, a cry for help, and a mapping of the many identities ‘a man’ could take on.

  • SHUT DOWN: A Younger Theatre

    By Natalie Russett

    A Younger Theatre, 1 December 2017

    Charlotte Vincent doesn’t disappoint, proposing a multitude of socially pressing ideas with a seamless blend of dance and theatre that is executed by a talented cast of performers.


    By Rachel Elderkin

    Fjord Review, 7 December 2017

    Gradually, each member of this company reveals the impact of these stereotypes on their emotions, their sexuality or their interaction with others... Such moments are the essence of this work.

  • SHUT DOWN: Charlotte Vincent on BBC Woman’s Hour

    By BBC

    BBC, 27 November 2017

    Charlotte Vincent was a guest on BBC Woman's Hour Monday 27 November 2017 discussing VDT and SHUT DOWN, which opened at The Place 28 November 2017

  • SHUT DOWN Live: Mad About The Boys

    By Luke Jennings

    The Observer, 3 December 2017

    Shut Down has been painstakingly constructed through observation, improvisation and research. The piece isn’t an anti-male rant, but a witty and humane examination of conflicting forces. Vincent identifies, with forensic precision, the different ways in which men react to changing times.

  • SHUT DOWN Live: TheatreFullStop

    By Evan Parker

    TheatreFullStop, 30 November 2017

    Shut Down takes us on a raw and emotional rollercoaster exploring the state of things as a man in 2017

  • SHUT DOWN Live: DanceTabs

    By Josephine Leask

    DanceTabs, 30 November 2017

    Vincent has assembled a courageous cast of adult and young male performers who are not afraid to act out some of the serious dilemmas of being a man.

  • SHUT DOWN Live: Bachtracks

    By Graham Watts

    Bachtracks, 30 November 2017

    Vincent makes her audience confront issues that are often uncomfortable but her treatise on contemporary masculinity, with all its memorable confusions and contradictions, is a strong and challenging work.

  • Virgin Territory Live: Intoxication of Unbridled Youth

    By Sonia Bos-Jucquin

    ThéâToile, 3 July 2017

    Dans ce monde où tout va trop vite, les interprètes se heurtent à la vie et s’épuisent, accablés par les nouvelles technologies qui rehaussent ce phénomène. Les danseurs apparaissent, disparaissent, sont sous nos yeux comme des marchandises répondant à l’offre et à la demande. | In this world where everything is going too fast, the performers run up against life and are exhausted, overwhelmed by the new technologies... The dancers appear, disappear, are before our eyes as commodities responding to supply and demand.