Charlotte Vincent is considered ‘one of the UK’s leading female choreographer/directors’ and ‘one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today’ (The Observer). VDT is an international ensemble of multi-tasking collaborators who devise interdisciplinary performance to challenge conventional values in dance and gender politics.

Charlotte Vincent’s distinctive voice is increasingly in demand as a facilitator, provocateur and catalyst for critical debate. Charlotte facilitates professional development work through VDT’s mentoring and CPD programmes and via Dance Agencies in the UK and abroad.

VDT places importance on gender equality, provides supportive work conditions for parents to return to work and collaborates across generations. The company is currently developing ways to distribute Vincent’s work both live and online, ‘touring’ in more parent-friendly and ecologically sustainable ways.

Visit VDT’s ‘What’s On’ for more information on what the company is working on over the next few months.

VDT is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England. VDT is Associate Company at Brighton & Brighton Festival Dome.

VDT Policy

Vincent Dance Theatre has a suite of Policies providing specific guidance on a range of company matters. The following Policies are accessible to the public:

VDT’s Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Policy

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy