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  • Integrative Arts and Art of Attachment by Jo Parker

    By Jo Parker

    Art/Law Network, 22 January 2019

    The project was a courageous experiment into the shadows of those who felt able to share. It showed that this messy process could deliver clean outcomes, through careful collaboration. Bodies moved, so too were emotions and the witnesses in the final show’s audience.

  • Art/Law Network Interview with Charlotte Vincent

    By Lucy Finch-Maddock

    Art/Law Network, 4 January 2019

    Makers such as Charlotte and her theatre are at the vanguard of politically informed practice that seeks to foster positive legacies in the lives of those concerned before and beyond the stage on which their stories are acted out as ‘art’. 

  • Women in drug abuse recovery find therapy in dance and poetry

    By Hayley Pearce

    The Argus Brighton, 12 October 2018

    “Art of Attachment gives voices to women who have not had the advantage of a secure base to work from.”

  • Challenging Perceptions of Women with Substance Misuse Issues

    By Charlotte Vincent

    Brighton and Hove Independent, 24 August 2018

    There is widespread judgement around women and mothers who misuse drugs and alcohol and who risk losing their children into care. What are the real stories behind these chaotic lifestyles and all this potential loss?

  • Postcard from London

    By Humphrey Bower

    Daily Review, 23 March 2015

    Shared Experience's Mermaid and Vincent Dance Theatre

  • No false moves: 21 years of Vincent Dance Theatre

    The Guardian, 27 February 2015

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  • Nine Who Dared

    By Wendy Perron

    Dance Magazine, 1 November 2012

    VDTs Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent was recently interviewed by Wendy Perron for a piece in Dance Magazine, profiling nine women who have strong voices as dance artists. The article also featured Amy Seiwert, Sheetal Gandhi and Nicola Wolcot amongst others.

  • Breaking Down the Illusions of Dance

    By John Highfield

    21 October 2009

    If Charlotte Vincent is looking a little tired that's because, as she admits, the past few weeks have been quite tough.

  • Looking after dancers during pregnancy and parenthood: the results

    By Debbie Malina

    Dancing Times Magazine, 1 June 2009

    Readers may recall the article “Pregnancy and Parenthood”, published in the October 2008 Dancing Times, featuring details of a new research project which would be looking into the issues surrounding pregnancy and the subsequent challenges of returning to work for professional dancers and dance companies.

  • Straight Talking

    By John Highfield

    Danceworks UK's website, 25 March 2009

    THE clue should come with the name, Vincent Dance Theatre, and surely everybody would agree that, in the world of dance, actions speak louder than words.