If We Go On

2009, 90 mins

‘A crackling intellectual core…it’s the real thing.’ The Observer

The dark stretches before us. There are people waiting. We would like to show you something, but we are not sure how. We are going to tell you what it is like, doing and faking, and doing and not doing. The dark stretches before us, but here we are, faced with the question, how do we go on?

If We Go On places the investigation of language at the centre of the work, and through miniature dances, stuttering songs and militant manifestos embraces uncertainty, hesitancy and not knowing.

An exceptional ensemble of multi-tasking performers and musicians morph words into movement, shunt gesture into sound and sometimes burst into song to conjure up the performance of their lives. If We Go On is a relentless succession of splintered transactions, where words lose their meaning, music falls apart and dance leads itself up a blind and exhausting alley. Anarchic, nostalgic and full of dark intelligent humour, If We Go On asks: If you had one last dance in you, what shape would it take?

Made in 2009, If We Go On was originally funded by Grants for the Arts through the Arts Council of England, co-commissioned by Sheffield Theatres, Newbury Corn Exchange, Peak Performances @ Montclair State University and Hull City Council and supported by The Junction and Danceworks UK.

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