VDT 2016 Victoria Fox Mentoring

Charlotte will mentor / direct / develop the research phase of Victoria Fox’s new solo about returning to creating performance work after 6 years raising her three children. The concept for the work was explored initially in Charlotte’s Brighton Choreolab.

‘Charlotte allowed us to be, to breath, discuss, shout, cry, get frustrated, work it out and find a way forward… I really enjoyed how Charlotte works delves to find what is at the root of peoples work what is driving the work or movement or being. Stripping back the layers of self, to grab the essence or truths of who you are, or what you can offer, or what it is you want to say. Then trying out different tasks to get to show this. Charlotte then twisting it and turning it on its head and playing with how it could be performed, working the body, forming, morphing into something that transmits to others, whether in the original form or shaped into a new version, and clear and direct constructive feedback. I feel this week has given me confidence to move forwards, a creative burst and new energy. I was able to reflect and find clarity of what I want to do, what really interests me in dance/dance theatre at this point.’ Victoria Fox