Performer and dance maker Stefania Catarinella was born in Bari, in the South of Italy. She has been working as dancer/performer and dance practitioner across Europe and overseas since 2016, after obtaining a BA (Hons) in Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta.

Working with mentor Charlotte Vincent as part of a year-long development project (DYCP) founded by Arts Council of England, Stefania produced her first full-length independent dance-theatre solo.

Charlotte guided Stefania through a process of dismantling structures, exploring ideas and concepts, offering tools to communicate her vision in the most authentic way. Working through tasks, Charlotte provoked Stefania’s artistic response, thinking and decision-making and helped her to identify the pillars and lay the foundation of her independent career.

The mentoring sessions took place both online and at Vincent Dance Theatre studios, in Brighton.

Stefania was thrilled to be mentored by Charlotte and looks forward to continuing working with her during the next phases of the development of her work.