Teaching & Learning

Vincent Dance Theatre offers bespoke workshops for schools, colleges and universities. Most of our sessions are aimed at age 11+ and are pitched to suit your needs and experience. VDT’s range of workshops have been developed to meet the diverse needs of participants and offer equal opportunities for young people, students and communities to engage with high-quality art. VDT’s workshops share film work, explore the art form and the issues it raises as well as developing skills for the exploration of the participants’ own creative agency. Activities can be aligned to a range of curriculum objectives across a diverse range of programmes from GCSE’s to MA’s.

Vincent Dance Theatre’s current workshop offers are:

Issue-Based Creative Workshops for Schools & Colleges

Movement / Performance Workshops for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Vincent Dance Theatre is proud to be an Arts Award Supporter offering exciting opportunity for young people up to the age of 25 to engage with VDT on a wide range of multi-level portfolio qualifications.

VDT offers opportunities for individuals, schools, youth and community groups to connect to the world of professional artists and their work. VDT are keen to help young people evolve as participants, audiences, artists and arts leaders, developing and sharing their creativity, leadership and communication skills.

How VDT can support your Arts Award:

Attend one of our workshops, auditions or complete a VDT digital task as a participant. Ideal for Bronze Award Part A: ‘Explore the arts as a participant’

Attend one of our live performances or digital performances. Ideal for Bronze Award Part B: ‘Explore the arts as an audience member’ or Silver Award Unit 1 Part C: ‘Review arts events’ many of our live performance have post-show talks with the performers and makers.

Research Charlotte Vincent and over 20 years of her work digitally through VDT’s website and VDT YouTube channel or live at a workshop event. Ideal for Bronze Award Part C ‘Arts inspiration’

Contact us directly to talk with our Participation & Digital Development Director about Bronze Award: Part D: ‘Arts skill share – passing on arts skills to others’; to lead practical aspects of your arts project for Silver Award Unit 2: ‘Supervised arts leadership’; or to work towards your ‘Arts challenge’ for Silver Award Unit 1 and how we could support you through our activities.

For more information contact VDT’s Participation & Digital Development Director on: sian@vincentdt.com.