VDT 2013/15 Scarlet Perdereau Mentoring

Dance UK Choreographer to Choreographer award with Charlotte Vincent, 2015

‘Although this process is not new to me, I have felt boosted and inspired’

Supported by Dance UK’s choreographer to choreographer award scheme, Scarlett came into VDT’s rehearsal process for 21 YEARS / 21 WORKS to gain further insight into‪ how an established choreographer balances different roles, notably in terms of leadership – how to delegate, employ, run a company, strike the right balance between being ‘hands-on’, direct and sensitive.

Dance UK Observership With Charlotte Vincent, 2013

‘The dance UK observership allowed me to witness Charlotte Vincent ‘in action’ as a choreographer and to hear her views as a maker, company director, producer, forum curator and more. It was inspiring to get to know such a ‘hands-on’ practitioner who multi-tasks so much yet who is utterly focused and committed.

I spent time in the studio watching Charlotte and VDT company re-working MOTHERLAND  for performances in Edinburgh and the U.S. I was glad to catch them in the process of re-visiting a piece of work, able to discuss with them the challenges and opportunities this entails. I got to further understand the work and Charlotte’s approach in making it; I was particularly interested in learning from her collaboration with musicians, her use of a rehearsal director, and her structural decisions. 

I also got to ask Charlotte her views on making work, running a company, collaborative practice, funding and sustainability in the current climate, audiences and the question of compromise, and of course on women’s careers and representation in this industry. I benefited from the openness, pragmatism and honesty with which Charlotte responded: she shared information, opinion and advice, and in our final conversation generously offered to be a mentor beyond this observership. 

Our encounter has mattered hugely to me as an emerging choreographer and female dance practitioner soon to be a mother. It has re-affirmed in me the important ‘stuff’ such as knowing why and what I want to make, taking risks, valuing periods of reflection/non-making as part of ‘practice’ and building on them.’
Scarlett Perdereau