Eben’Flo is a 16 year old conscious rap and spoken word artist from Brighton who aims to express a wide range of political and social issues in his work.

SHUT DOWN is his first collaboration with Vincent Dance Theatre.

Photo credit: Bosie Vincent

Jules Maxwell

Jules Maxwell has composed music for a wide variety of choreographers over the last 20 years, including Wayne McGregor, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Jasmin Vardimon, Jane Mason, Cathy Marston, Charlotte Darbyshire, Theo Clinkard, Filip Van Huffel, New Art Club, Laila Diallo, Charlotte Darbyshire, Hofesh Schecter and Jeanine Durning.

His background is in theatre and he regularly works at the National Theatre, The Young Vic and Shakespeare’s Globe. He also has a long standing relationship with artist Mark Storor with whom he has created many small and large scale promenade and circus pieces.

He composed the soundtrack to Tim Loane’s Oscar nominated short film Dance Lexie Dance (1996).

As a musician and song writer he has collaborated with Dead Can Dance, Foy Vance, Iain Archer and Duke Special.

He has recently co-written a collection of songs with Lisa Gerrard for a forthcoming album by Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.

At the heart of his music and practice is a curiosity to find links across theatrical disciplines. He is as interested in drama as he is in sound. He cannot avoid hearing music in movement and light and language. He is drawn to the truth found in flaws and scars and people singing badly.

Since moving to France he has begun presenting monthly solo concerts of his own songs in the Café Gallery where he now lives.


Scott Smith

Scott Smith teaches, makes performance, live and recorded music, performs and collaborates. He has studied and performed with Steve Paxton via contact improvisation and material for the spine, and currently makes duet work with Lisa Nelson . His training and professional experience include traditional and classical dance forms as well as new dance and improvisational focuses. Scott has performed with companies in New York, London and Berlin, including Walker Dance Park Music, Yolanda Snaith, Tanz Fabrik, Bebe Miller, Dog Kennel Hill, Gravity and Levity, and most recently, Vincent Dance Theatre. He is currently living in the UK, from where he teaches internationally, provides live music and recordings for dance and video, presents his own Performance/Movement/Sound work, and plays string instruments in bands and sessions. He is one of Brighton’s Movement 12.

Guy Webster

Guy Webster is a songwriter, sound designer, performer and teacher. His working process is directly informed by his interest in live music and experience as a dancer. Collaborations with theatre, dance and interactive new media works include Salome (Frank Theatre – 1998 Toga International Theatre Festival, Urban Dingoes (La Boite – 2004) and Liquid Gold (Transmute Collective – 2001 Australia and Sheffield UK). As a founding member and sound director of The Transmute Collective his work has been shown extensively in Australia. In 2006 he collaborated with Keith Armstong and Charlotte Vincent to create Shifting Intimacies, an interactive/media artwork. Guy’s major works make use of multi-speaker spatialised audio environments as a means for exploring and inspiring motion in space.

Dean Honer

Dean Honer composed three of Vincent Dance Theatre’s early work, Intercourse (1994), Noli Me Tangere (1994) and Chthonian Pleasures (1996). He is one third of All Seeing I, an English electronic music group from Sheffield, with Jason Buckle and DJ Parrot (real name Richard Barratt), gaining mainstream commercial success with the song Beat Goes On. All Seeing I were asked to produce a cover of Beat Goes On for Britney Spear’s debut album … Baby One More Time. They have also remixed a variety of artists, including Pulp. Dean Honer also fronts a similarly styled group, I Monster.

Colin Elliot

A composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist; Colin plays the cello, piano, electric and double bass, percussion, guitar and also sings backing vocals. In 1997, he started Yellow Arch – a recording studio and rehearsal room complex based in Sheffield. As a session musician Colin has played on records by Boy George, Finlay Quaye, Take That, Del Amitri, Spice Girls, The Lighthouse Family, BB Mack, Longpigs, The All-seeing Eye and many more. He has produced albums by Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, A Girl Called Eddy, Steve Buckley, Henrick Linneman and Tony Christie. For Vincent Dance Theatre, Colin has composed music for Broken Chords (2005) and Rust (2005). He is based in Sheffield.

John Avery

John Avery has composed seven productions for VDT including the film Glasshouse. John’s work includes sound design for DV8’s To Be Straight With You, a Resonance commission for Opera North and a Jerwood Choreography Award with Wendy Houstoun. He has created 13 soundtracks for Forced Entertainment including Emmanuelle Enchanted & Club of No Regrets. Since 1995 John has composed for several pieces by Wendy Houstoun including The Reverse Effect at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. In 1999 he was invited by the South Bank Centre to compose for the Take Me To The River dance festival. John worked with choreographer Dan O’ Neil on several projects including The Red Red Shoes at the Unicorn Theatre. His composition for film includes Diary of a Dancer directed by David Hinton and Jocelyn Cammack’s films Dancing Across The Water and Piano di Rotta with Emio Greco. John is based in London.

Patrycja Kujawska

Patrycja studied at Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland, graduating in violin. Before moving to UK in 2005 she worked extensively with physical theatre Dada von Bzdulow, City Theatre in Gdynia, Non-Cabaret in Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. She danced in shows choreographed by Tatiana Baganova and Avi Kaiser.

Patrycja wrote music for short animation film, a dance piece “Face”, “Soundtrack for the sculptures “ inspired by work of French sculptor Sabrina Gruss, as well as co composed music for VDT’s “Test Run” and “Motherland”.

From 2008 she works with Kneehigh. Shows include “Don John” (co-production with Royal Shakespeare Company), “Midnight’s Pumpkin” as well as critically acclaimed “The Red Shoes”, and “The Wild Bride” which toured USA (New York, San Francisco), Australia and New Zealand, “Tristan and Yseult” (UK tour, San Francisco), “Dead Dog In a Suitcase And Other Love Songs”.

For Vincent Dance Theatre Patrycja has made and toured “Drop Dead Gorgeous”(2001), “Let The Mountains Lead You To Love” (2003), “Punch Drunk” (2004), “Broken Chords” (2005), “Fairy Tale” (2006), “Test Run” (2006, 2008), “If We GO On” (2009) and “Motherland” (2012).

Patrycja lives in Bristol.

Contact : qjawska@hotmail.com

“Patrycja Kujawska, one of the dancers is also a first rate violinist” New York Times, John Rockwell

“Patrycja Kujawska once again uses her impressive physicality and superbly expressive features to round out a character without speaking a single word” Tracey Sinclair ,Exeunt

“Kujawska is a superb violinist” Variety, Karen Fricker

“We don’t see this rough, muscular style very often, and Kujawska in particular is mesmerising.”
Sydney Morning Herald, Jason Blake

“Special kudos to Patrycja Kujawska as The Girl. Kujawska has an extraordinarily expressive face; she never speaks more than a word or two, but in her silence not only conveys every shade of feeling in the Girl’s mind, from her joy (…) to horror at her ultimate fate, but also becomes an entirely different character when she’s simply part of the ensemble—sulky and sullen.” Nytheatre.com. Laurene Noveck

“The physical prowess of our heroine, played expertly by Patrycja Kujawska, deserves a special mention, truly capturing the anguish of her character’s curse to never stop dancing through her fantastically flaying movements and frantic tapping.” University of Warwick newspaper

“Patrycja Kujawska, playing the girl forced to “dance a different dance”, is worth a special mention for the ferocious persistence of her performance. Compelled to dance demonically throughout most of the show, her stamina is admirable. “ Culture Wars, Simon Watt

“Patrycja Kujawska was excellent, delivering seriously good violin solo at the end of the show” (“Dead Dog in a suitcase”, Vivienne Kennedy, Guide Bristol)