x.IDA Dance Company, Club Night


x.IDA is a dance company of recent graduates attached to the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, that aims to train dancers through making work with internationally active choreographers, chosen for their strong artistic viewpoints, and touring the work across Europe. x.IDA central aim is to form young dancers whose artistic curiosity and energy communicates the spirit of contemporary dance to a wide public. The intention is that the dancers find professional work and move on after a year with the company.

Having previously worked with x.IDA, Charlotte revisited Linz in June 2002 to make another new production commissioned by the Shaxpir Festival, a celebration of dance, theatre and puppet work designed for younger audiences. Collaborating with six dancers from x.IDA Charlotte made Club Night, a debauched and funny piece set in a night club, with great dance routines set to Kylie and the Bee Gees amongst others. Aimed at 14 – 24 year olds, the piece went down like a house on fire.

In November 2002 two members of x.IDA, (Janusz Orlik and Iris Heitzinger) joined VDT to make Let The Mountains Lead You To Love which toured the UK in Spring 2003.

Club Night was commissioned by x.IDA Dance Company, Shaxpir Festival Festival for Young Audiences, with support from Bruckner Conservatory Linz, Posthof Linz and the Arts Department of the Upper Austrian Government.

Who's Who

  • Directed and Designed by
  • Lighting Design by
    • Peter Thalhamer
  • Performed by
    • Janusz Orlik
    • Adriana Cubides
    • Anna Maria Nowak
    • Elina Velka
    • Alexander Gottfarb
    • Björn Säfsten