VDT Strategic Development

Strategic Development

‘Spending time with you in Brighton really helped to shake things up and force us to really question why we were choosing to make the work we wanted to make.  Thank you so much! We have had programmers who have said that previously they were not interested in our work and now they are and are keen to follow our progression, as well as people who never watch dance, saying that they are very excited by the work.’
Josh Ben Tovim, Impermanence Dance

Working for over half a century in the arts sector, VDT’s Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent regularly supports individual artists and organisations to develop business plans and projects, offering advice, insight and interventions around funding applications, business planning and project development. This work is sometimes carried out in parallel to Charlotte’s intensive MENTORING work. Over the past few years VDT’s STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT has included working with:

CUSPINC – support in writing an application to Arts Council England’s ELEVATE Fund
Phil Sanger – business planning
Tamar Daly – business planning
Kefi Chadwick – support for HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? project
MA Producing Students, Birkbeck, University of London  – session on dealing with the shifting sands of programming & producing
Deborah Light – business planning
Impermanence – organisational development planning
Scarlett Perdereau – career advice / mentoring as part of Dance UK Mentoring Scheme

Contact kim@vincentdt.com if you are looking for strategic development support for your practice or your next project.