A site specific performance for unusual spaces


A new collaboration between Phoenix Dance Theatre and Vincent Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent, originally commissioned by Leeds Canvas for the Artists Taking the Lead 2012 Cultural Olympiad project Overworlds and Underworlds.

Underworld, created for the longest, darkest, filthiest of the Dark Arches under Leeds Railway Station and seen by over 10,000 people over a weekend in 2012, draws on the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice and is inspired by the work of acclaimed artists The Quay Brothers.

Set in an airless, dusty land of the living dead, accompanied by 140 antique chapel chairs and a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack of rushing rivers, church bells and feint children’s voices by acclaimed composer Gavin Bryers, Underworld explores the art of not looking back. Eight of the UK’s finest athletic performers engage in a series of highly physical games and disconcerting rituals designed to pass time in an environment from which there is no escape.

Underworld is a durational live performance for unconventional spaces. Underworld is not easy to categorise – it is a site-specific live installation. It is punishing choreography. It is visual art. It is highly physical theatre. It is a series of dark, beautiful vignettes. It is robust, risky ensemble work. It is a piece that transforms the space over and over to form a series of striking cinematographic images.

Underworld is available for booking in 2014/15. Please contact Judith Hibberd to discuss this project further.

‘I can liken my experience of watching Charlotte’s work with Phoenix with the greatest (Pina Bausch, Alain Platel), very moving, powerful and so clear.’ Wieke Eringa, Artistic Director, Yorkshire Dance

‘Fantastic! Eerie and atmospheric in the dark arches’ Helen Oldham

‘Fluid and evocative. One of the most crowded arches!’ Culture Leeds


  • 2012 VDT Underworld Production


Who's Who

  • Directed and Designed by
  • Devised and Performed by
    • Phoenix Dance Theatre
  • Originally Composed for OWUW by
  • Original Sound Design for OWUW by
  • Lighting Design by
    • Jason Taylor