Traces of Her

2012, 45 mins

I remember the feeling of stepping into very cold water
And I remember the feeling of your head going underneath
Of water up your nose
Of drowning
Of being cold and…
I remember washing feet
I remember touching Nicky’s shoulder
I remember returning to the table
I remember breathing very very hard
I remember finding it very hard to keep going
I remember automatic movements
I remember wiping
Edging back music: da d dada dada
Come on back, back, back
Come back
Where’s the table

In 1983, when Claire Macdonald was 28, she made a show called The Carrier Frequency with an experimental Theatre Co-operative called Impact Theatre. In 1999, when Charlotte Vincent was 32, she recreated that show, playing Claire’s role, with an experimental theatre company called Stan’s Café.

Traces of Her makes something out of that and left with just an outline, a grainy video and a table, here now, with all their scars and back stories, Charlotte and Claire are learning to make do.

Traces of Her was previewed as part of Juncture at Yorkshire Dance in March 2012.

“It was intriguing to think about what a performer does when their bodies are no longer able to keep going. I found it very moving and powerful.” Audience Member