The Table

THE TABLE duplic

2012 - Ongoing

The Table is about nurturing dialogue and nourishing exchange between established female artists across disciplines. Hosted by Charlotte Vincent and Claire MacdonaldThe Table is a growing international network of women whose creative and political voices are captured online, sharing food, artistic practice and feminist thinking at our Table Dinners.

Guests in Leeds, Brighton, London and New Jersey have included:

Linda Brumbach, Salette Gresett, Liz Lerman, Jowale Willa, Liz Gerring, Shelley Lamberta, Bonnie Marranca, Emily Mann, Deanna Shoemaker, Fawzia Afzal-Khan Charmaine Warren, Debbie Saivetz, Ruth Ben-Tovim, Zoe Manders, Lou Cope, Becky Edmunds, Sarah Rubidge, Mine Kaylan,  Orla Flanagan, Amy Voris, Stacey Lister, Dena Lague, Holly Noble, Jane Coulston, Rachel Champion, Claire MacDonald, Sara Jane Bailes, Sue MacLaine, Marissa Zanotti, Claudia Kappenburg, Liz Aggiss, Tessa Howell, Chrissie Poulter, Teresa Brayshaw, Gabriele Griffin, Catherine Laws, Aurora Lubos, Rachel Krische, Lisa Chaney, Beth Cassani, Anna Furse, Siobhan Davies, Tamara Rojo, Sue Parrish, Ros Philips, Jocelyn Pook and Anna Birch.

You can hear our conversations HERE  or visit to find out more.