Stand Up

2007, 6 week research project

Supported by The Place, London and Espaco do Tempo, Portugal, Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent curated a 6 week research period in Summer 2007 which brought together an exceptional group of experienced performers and musicians to play openly with new ideas, scores, structures and methods without the pressure of having to direct and shape a production for immediate touring.

Combining experienced dancers in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with children and dancers in their 20’s, Stand Up explored how some performers may no longer wish to kick their legs so high or fall so hard, but how at this mid-stage in their careers, they have so much more to say. The work explored the blending of text and writing with dance and improvisation, and experimented with the complex integration of live music into performance.

This research period, together with research work with Claire Macdonald in July 2008 provided collaborative starting points for VDT’s 2009 middle scale production If We Go On. The research period also initiated a collaboration between Charlotte and Liz Aggiss, which revisited in September 2008 became the production Double Vision.


Who's Who

This research, funded by Arts Council England was a creative exchange for all involved. The practitioners involved in this period of research were:

Charlotte Vincent, Director (UK)
Alex Catona, Composer (Romania/ Canada)
Wendy Houstoun, Writer / Video Work (UK):
Ruth Ben-Tovim, Dramaturg (UK)
Patrycja Kujawska, Musician/Dancer (Poland)
Janusz Orlik, Dancer (Poland)
Eleanor McDonald, Dancer (UK)
Darren Anderson, Dancer (Australia)
Naomi Yeger, Performer (UK)
Leah Yeger, Performer/Musician (UK)
Liz Aggiss, Provocateur (UK)
Rachel Krische, Dancer (UK)
Valentina Formenti, Dancer (Italy)
Lindsey Butcher, Dancer/Aerialist (UK)
Scott Smith, Musician/Dancer (UK/USA)
Jem Treays, Dancer/Actor (Wales, UK)
Ellen Van Schuylenburch, Dancer (Neatherlands)