Questions for Safeguarding the Audience

Questions for Safeguarding the Audience shares a series of prompts – to help you to consider your options for safeguarding audiences.  Safeguarding Audience may change depending on the delivery platform of the work.  Some questions may not be relevant to your organisation and some considerations may be new to you. The aim is to encourage reflective discussion as you develop your safeguarding and wellbeing provision for everyone involved.

Questions for Safeguarding the Audience:

You can download and keep the Questions for Safeguarding the Audience here.

The Safeguarding Questions is Phase One of an ongoing collaboration between VDTPlaying ON Theatre Company  and Safeguarding Consultant Pip Sayers. Phase Two (spring 2023) will develop a micro site of Safeguarding Resources, sharing examples of Safeguarding policies, procedures and case studies that demonstrate a protective mindset from a range of arts organisations working across the UK.

If you would be interested in contributing a case study, policy or examples of good practice to the resources please let us know by sending us an email via the form attached.