In an an industry-focused Rambert Debate Judith Mackrell, dance critic for The Guardian, chaired a panel discussion looking at what can be done to level the playing field for female choreographers.

Charlotte Vincent, Tamsin Fitzgerald, Brendan Keaney, Shobana Jeyasingh, Patricia Okenwa, Peggy Olislaegers, Rupert Thomson, and Didy Veldman, debated the challenges.

The number of women entering vocational training for the dance profession vastly outnumbers that of men, yet most lists of “established” or “renowned” choreographers show a predominance of men and the repertoires of the world’s most celebrated dance companies is overwhelming “man”-made.

It seems that some of the same institutional, historic or societal obstacles that impede opportunities for women in other industries also apply in dance.

You can listen to the debate HERE.