Noli Me Tangere

1994, 60 mins

Noli Me Tangere is a fragmented and demanding duet, which aims to construct a dance language we can believe in. Battling with parental terrorism, self- censorship and the persistent chattering of our sound bite culture, Noli Me Tangere‘s intense physicality draws the audience away from the falsity of verbal expression and closer to who we really are are.

‘A young company with such a focused sense of style and purpose…performed and created with intense assurance’ Hampstead and Highgate Express

‘Punishing, at times savage choreography…fast, agile, compulsive. Remarkable in its’ intensity, dizzying leaps and crashing falls…strong, intelligently conceived…brave self exploration…’ Yorkshire Post

Noli Me Tangere was funded Sheffield City Arts, Yorkshire Arts, Leeds Metropolitan University Studio Theatre and Yorkshire Dance.


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