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Director/Choreographer Charlotte Vincent’s LOOK AT ME NOW, MUMMY is a comi-tragic one-woman show created with long-term Polish collaborator Aurora Lubos, eight months after giving birth to her first child.

It was reworked for 21 YEARS /21 WORKS #VDT21 in March 2015. Set in a dishevelled and chaotic kitchen, LOOK AT ME NOW, MUMMY is an intimate, funny and moving portrait of a mother’s desire to look the part, whilst not really knowing what part it is that she is supposed to be playing. It’s about trial and error and theatrical failure, with a baby always crying somewhere in the distance.

‘Lubos captures the exhausted, surreal derangement that comes from being a new mother… It’s superb performances such as these, as well as Vincent’s own choreography, that have ensured the company’s survival’ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

‘Loved it! Look At Me Now, Mummy made be hold my breath!’ Audience Member March 2015