Like A Red Rag To A Bull

2004, 3 mins/DV

A short video work made on location at the bullring in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, as part of COLINA (collaboration in arts) project 2004 at Rui Horta’s Monastery in Montemor-o-Novo Portugal.

An intense and aggressive duet performed in the holding area of the bullring where the bulls await their fate, informed by the dust, heat, shit and blood found there.

O Espaco Do Tempo is housed in the Convento da Saudacao, Montmor-O-Novo, 100 km south of Lisbon Portugal. O Espaco Do Tempo works as a residence and research centre devoted to the dialogue between different art forms and curated by Choreographer Rui Horta (former Artistic Director of Frankfurt’s S.O.A.P. Dance Company). Based at the Convento, with its rehearsal rooms and technology labs, 25 international artists from differing disciplines (choreographers, dancers, actors, writers, digital technologists, film-makers, designers and composers) are invited to meet, play and create work over two weeks in a laboratory context.

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