2012 - 2014

Launched by Charlotte Vincent and Yorkshire Dance in March 2012, Juncture was an initiative, designed to bring new work, professional development, critical debate and innovative performance practice to Yorkshire.

Juncture was conceived by Charlotte Vincent in collaboration with Yorkshire Dance, and the inaugural programme was curated by Charlotte in March 2012: four weeks of residencies, performances, workshops, a symposium and critical debates, programmed with an emphasis on female-led work and experimental, cross-disciplinary practice.

“I invited some of my closest working colleagues to be part of this initial programme – funny, smart women (and a few renegade men), who have something to say and a unique way of saying it. Their work is surprising, bold and intelligent. They are quiet anarchists, searching for an appropriate language to say what they need to say. They are mature, experienced makers, researchers, producers, writers, performers, dancers, managers, musicians and composers – artists whose work needs to be seen and whose voices need to be heard.” Charlotte Vincent

In 2016 Juncture was curated by Gillie Klieman. Details of the next Juncture Festival 27 – 30 October 2016.


Congratulations for a stunning festival: it was the best thing I’ve seen in the Leeds dance world for a long time (ever?)Film Maker, Leeds

“A remarkable achievement and much needed in this dance climate… one of the great things about Juncture – it’s asking some important questions and providing a space to debate some of the potential answers.” Jamie Watton, CEO South East Dance

“Programming the festival, Charlotte Vincent chose the work of strong female artists who wittily and wisely address the notion of age and the female body in performance, a festival with an inspiring female theme saw powerful minds and bodies of difference.”Participant

Juncture 2014

In 2014 Juncture was curated by Wendy Houstoun, watch a short film from this year here.

Juncture 2012

Juncture is programmed biennially in Leeds in a variety of venues. In 2012 it was curated by Charlotte Vincent, watch a short film from this year here.

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