Charlotte Vincent’s searing artistic exploration of the world of care experienced young people

With IN LOCO PARENTIS, Charlotte Vincent is celebrating 25 years of making crucial performance for the critical times in which we live, and is shifting her gaze from gender issues towards themes of home, family and belonging.

This latest production reflects on inherited cycles of trauma, rupture and repair that drive children into care and questions society’s readiness to blame and shame those whose lives become chaotic after a disrupted start. IN LOCO PARENTIS results from extensive creative research in the community, which began in early 2018 with ART OF ATTACHMENT.

Vincent continues her exploration in 2019, working with birth and adoptive parents, young people, care experienced young people, and professionals from the care sector to investigate the emotional and psychological impact of trauma on child development and how an insecure foundation can affect identity, life chance, attachment style, trust and a sense of belonging later in life.

With real-life testimony drawn from this research and some stories carried forward from ART OF ATTACHMENT, IN LOCO PARENTIS will combine spoken word with movement and strong visual imagery to illuminate the inner worlds and extraordinary resilience of care experienced young people, to reflect on the dynamic between experience and choice.


IN LOCO PARENTIS will be touring in Spring 2020; contact for more information.