Home Truths

Film Installation


HOME TRUTHS is Vincent Dance Theatre’s most recent multi-screen film installation and community listening project.

Drawing from VDT’s production ART OF ATTACHMENT (2018), the HOME TRUTHS installation is the result of Vincent’s collaboration with women in recovery from substance misuse, domestic violence and sexual assault, who’s stories all involve the loss of children.

‘I found myself reflecting on how our behaviours, reactions and responses are interpreted and misinterpreted.’ Social Worker, BtC Birmingham

HOME TRUTHS explores notions of home, family and belonging and considers the impact of trauma on women’s lives. Whilst providing a space to engage with and listen to the voices of those who often remain unheard, HOME TRUTHS also offers a creative space to consider the emotional labour involved (by family intervention practitioners, child psychotherapists, social workers, parents, foster carers) in their support of the vulnerable communities represented in the work.

There is no sentimentality… it does not ask us to judge or to pity – but allows us to witness the exhausting labours involved in experiencing, acting out and recovering from trauma.Rachel Thomson, Professor of Childhood and Youth Studies, University of Sussex.

‘As a social work professional, I think the experience is very powerful to help practitioners understand the lives they are involved in.’ Social Worker, FADC Birmingham

ART OF ATTACHMENT was originally commissioned by Oasis Project and funded by Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England Lottery Funding. HOME TRUTHS is supported by academic collaborator Dr Cath Lambert, Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, funded by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Award, supported by the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender at the University of Warwick and by Arts Council England, through VDT’s regular National Portfolio Organisation funding.

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An excerpt from HOME TRUTHS was screened as part of the The Words and Voices Roadshow, University of Warwick’s Resonate Festival for Coventry City of Culture on Sunday 19 September 2021.

VDT’s Participation & Digital Director, Sian Williams also ran a series of thought provoking, Covid-safe craft-based engagement activities that encouraged reflection upon the participants’ own experiences of home,  family and belonging.

HOME TRUTHS Community Listening Project- Brighton Digital Festival & Coventry Artspace 2021

Vincent Dance Theatre was delighted to stage HOME TRUTHS in the company studio from 25 October – Saturday 6 November 2021 as part of Brighton Digital Festival and in Coventry Artspace Arcadia Gallery from 8 – 13 November 2021.

We offered free 2-hour sessions enabling people to experience the film installation and take part in creative workshop activities reflecting on the themes in the work.

Workshops were open to the general public (aged 16+), but were also of particular interest to those affected by the issues or professionals who work with people affected by the issues.

A total of 138 participants/audience attended the installation sessions in Brighton and Coventry.


‘The courage of the women included was striking. I found the juxtaposition of professionals and non-professionals, of dance and narration, exciting and impactful – and also the use of sound, short sentences, repeated words and themes, breath work and music helped create an urgency and intensity in the work – and a sense of almost the claustrophobia of the lived experience of the women.’

‘Really powerful work, in a safe setting.’

‘Having lived similar experiences, I found it very useful as a survivor of domestic abuse to watch and see abuse and attachments from a different perspective.’

‘I found the work incredibly important and powerful.’

‘I really appreciated the self-regulation activities, they allowed me to take a step back when I felt I needed to, or slightly give myself some space from the visuals/audio.’

‘As a social work professional, I think the experience is very powerful to help practitioners understand the lives they are involved in’

‘Enabled me to reflect on my own practice and work with families.’

‘So very powerful and poignant, it will stay with me for a long time.’

‘I found myself reflecting on how our behaviours, reactions and responses are interpreted and misinterpreted.’

‘An excellent impactful piece of work that has stimulated a huge amount of reflection for me and provoked an empathy in the experience of the women involved.’

‘As a professional this approach could be a huge part of the wider conversation of removing shame from human response to perceived threat. Something that has to happen if we are to evolve more effectively.’

‘So moving and interesting to see the process and journey these women went on to build up to performing and sharing their experiences in this way.’

HOME TRUTHS Photo Gallery

HOME TRUTHS-Listening Project-Coventry (Nov 2021)