Home Truths

Film Installation


HOME TRUTHS is Vincent Dance Theatre’s latest FILM INSTALLATION, drawing on and repurposing choreographic material  and research from the company’s two most recent productions IN LOCO PARENTIS (2020) and ART OF ATTACHMENT (2018), exploring the notions of home, family and belonging.

The original works, made in collaboration with and performed by young people in care and women recovering from substance misuse and domestic violence, investigates the impact trauma and adverse childhood experience has in later life. Both works share the experience, thoughts and feelings of people whose voices often remain unheard. Using her public platform as a performance maker, Vincent aims to reframe complex issues, encourage empathy, enrich and add understanding of under-represented communities.

‘There is no sentimentality… it does not ask us to judge or to pity – but allows us to witness the exhausting labours involved in experiencing, acting out and recovering from trauma.’ Rachel Thomson, Professor of Childhood and Youth Studies, University of Sussex.

HOME TRUTHS is accompanied by a series of thought provoking, Covid-safe craft-based engagement activities that encourage reflection upon our own experiences of home, how we ‘make sense’ of messy, fragmented life stories, how we repair ourselves after trauma and how we build families and how we parent our kids.

‘It is clear from the outset that an alternative version of these stories is going to be told – one that is agonisingly visceral, and often beyond words…But this is also a piece about love as an enduring source of hope.’ Isobel Todd on ART OF ATTACHMENT, The Psychologist 2018

As well as being open to the general public, HOME TRUTHS will facilitate a series of research workshops to reach families affected by the issues raised, as well as family intervention and medical practitioners.

An excerpt from the work will be shown at The Words and Voices Roadshow, University of Warwick’s Resonate Festival for Coventry City of Culture.

HOME TRUTHS will be piloted as part of Brighton Digital Festival in October 2021 and we are planning to premiere at ArtsSpace Arcadia Gallery in Coventry 10-20 November 2021.

HOME TRUTHS is supported by academic collaborator Dr Cath Lambert, PhD Programmes Director in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. HOME TRUTHS has been awarded a research grant through Warwick ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (Social Sciences). (The University of Warwick is one of only 21 institutions to be awarded a national Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.)

VDT and Uni of Warwick share concerns about inequities and social justice in this ongoing collaboration of developing practice-based methods to explore complex relations.

For further information, please contact VDT’s General Manager, Holly Morris: