Glasshouse (film)

Vincent Dance Theatre / Lifesize Pictures

1998, 10 mins/35mm Film/Beta SP

‘A simply striking performance film’ Film Four

‘If you couldn’t sleep I would tell you a story. I would tell you about rain. I would tell you about the knot that we had to undo. I would whisper in your ear, go to sleep, go to sleep. I would wash the shit from my hands and touch you. Why all this rain? Why so cold? What kind of love is this?’

Glasshouse is a short dance theatre film conceived and performed by Charlotte Vincent and Richard Lowdon, shot in Sheffield by filmmaker Robert Hardy. Set in a small ‘glass’ dwelling, and taking place at night is an extended apology, a tired excuse, a hard-hitting duet about how actions speak louder that words.

Glasshouse has been screened in cinemas, theatre venues and art galleries across the UK, and in Spain, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Canada Switzerland, Japan and the United States.

Glasshouse was funded by a Film Production Award supported by the proceeds of the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Media Production Agency, Sheffield City Arts, Yorkshire Dance and Yorkshire and Humberside Arts Film and Dance Departments. Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.



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