Campaigning for Gender Equality


Vincent has long been discussing the choices and issues that confront female practitioners in theatre and performance. VDT strategically and politically champions female practice through its Professional Development activity and Vincent regularly mentors female practitioners through Special Projects. Raising awareness of the need for gender equality both on and off the stage drives much of the company’s activity and Vincent regularly and publicly advocates for equality within the dance sector and beyond.

What are the qualities and preoccupations that distinguish women’s practice? Is there a difference in scale and ambition to our male counterparts? Why aren’t women occupying more executive positions within the cultural sector? Is there real equality in the arts? How do we raise awareness of the particular choices facing female artists working today?


Industry research exploring the issues surrounding pregnancy and the subsequent challenges of returning to work for professional dancers and dance companies, written by VDT in collaboration with Dance UK and Creative and Cultural Skills 2008.


A growing international association of experienced female practitioners, working across disciplines, curated by Charlotte Vincent and Dr Claire MacDonald. The Table hosts opportunities for dialogue, exchange and strategies for survival. The Table website also highlights recent press coverage and national organisations that raise awareness of the issues facing women practitioners today.


The FCC aims to support, encourage and spearhead work created by female choreographers across the UK.


A three year programme (starting 2015) that was developed in direct response to serious concerns about the lack of equality currently faced by female choreographers within the contemporary dance sector. The BENCH offered female choreographers working within the UK Arts sector an opportunity to participate in a 9 month programme of training, discussion, debate and mentoring, all within a bespoke and creative framework. Mentors and contributors included: Tamsin Fitzgerald, Kate Flatt, Rosie Kay, Liv Lorent, Sharon Watson and Charlotte Vincent.
The BENCH Programme
The BENCH – Meet the Fellows


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