Falling from the High Rise of Love

1999, 60 mins

‘Dance as dysfunction, a site of conflict, becomes dance as genuine affirmation, the response of most use.’ The Stage

Desolately positioned at the foot of a huge billboard bra advert, Falling from the High Rise of Love takes place in the kind of no-mans land of lost belongings and wet dreams. It is somewhere on the margins of society, somewhere people wouldn’t choose to go. Performed by five dancers and actors, Falling from the High Rise of Love describes life on the edges of society and explores the disparity between inner and outer spaces, between the real and the imagined.

Engaging with the architecture of the set, the piece becomes a spectacle of people failing to cope, in a series of events that expose the most private human moments, the most indecent choices, the most public flashes of humiliation. A complex narrative Falling from the High Rise of Love becomes a restless collision course of emotions, at once beautiful and forlorn, punishing and amusing – a place where people stumble and fall, get the timing all wrong, parade tawdry secrets and weep quietly out of sight.

Falling From the High Rise of Love was co-commissioned by Yorkshire Dance and Arnolfini Live. Supported by Sheffield and Rotherham Dance Project, South Yorkshire Dance, Swindon Dance and University College Scarborough. Funded by Sheffield City Arts, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts and the Arts Council of England.


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