VDT 2015 Embodied Methodologies

Embodied Methodologies



Dance as method? A discussion about the possibilities for developing embodied, sensory, live and practice-based methods and methodologies led by Charlotte Vincent and Dr Cath Lambert, Associate Professor in Sociology at University of Warwick. 

In disciplines such as theatre and visual art, practice-based research is recognised as a valid form of knowledge production. The same is true of more vocational programmes such as health care and social work. In many social science and humanities fields, however, research is taken to be a matter of brains, words and numbers, rather than bodies, senses and emotions.

Knowledge is not only produced through words but also in gesture, in movement, in emotion and in sound. How can our research tools, designed to produce, re/present and analyse narrative accounts, make sense of embodied forms of knowing and being in the world?

You can listen to the discussion HERE.