Double Vision

2008, 40 mins

Double Vision was a collaboration by veteran anarchic performer Liz Aggiss and internationally acclaimed choreographer Charlotte Vincent.

Double Vision started with an empty space and a shared determination to make something together. Despite their differing aesthetic and physical practice, what binds these two performers is the search for a new language and something interesting to say.

Working on equal terms and with a lightness of touch Liz and Charlotte explore unknown strategies to create a dance to be seen and heard. Basing dance vignettes around rhythmical structures found in the Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, the resulting work sits somewhere between live art and dance. A kind of female Morecombe and Wise doing a bit of self-penned Beckett.

Exposing the relationship between director and performer, between conceptual complexity and physical simplicity, between seriousness and humour, Double Vision is like nothing you will have seen before. A female double act with a combined age of 96, Double Vision sees two of the nations favourite dance creators trying to negotiate a language that neither of them usually speaks.

Double Vision toured with An Audience with Liz Aggiss and Charlotte Vincent, a provocative, unscripted conversation between the two looking at age, beauty, performance, creativity and humour, followed by an open discussion with the audience.

Liz Aggiss is a performer, choreographer, film-maker, writer, artiste and Professor of Visual Performance at the University of Brighton. Charlotte Vincent is Artistic Director of Vincent Dance Theatre.

Double Vision was their first collaborative project funded by Arts Council England and supported by the University of Brighton, The Basement, The Nightingale Theatre and Arnolfini Live

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