Dance the Net

Vincent Dance Theatre / Gravel Rash Performance Media


In 2000, Vincent Dance Theatre was awarded £35,000 to run Germinate, a two-year programme of work looking at the interface between dance and digital technology in both the community and professional environment. Year One delivered four exceptional projects for young people. Year Two focused on professional development for dance and digital practitioners.

Dance the Net Digital Performance Intensive ran from Tuesday 6th – Saturday 10th August 2002, at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds, attended by dance makers and digital artists from Estonia, Amsterdam and the UK. This 5 day intensive considered the range of creative options offered to dance and performance makers by new technology, including streaming media, web broadcast and web conferencing, interactive and responsive environments, motion capture and interactive audio, interactive interfaces and responsive environments, streaming media, new relationships to time, space and image, lag and image degradation looking at the video camera as interface, sound for dance, sensors, composition and collaboration, motion capture, remote collaboration and co-production, creating work in two spaces at the same time, looking beyond live performance to expand the context and dissemination of live work on screen and online. Dance The Net also allowed time to play with a wide range of digital software, including Final Cut Pro, Director, Isodora, ASKI and Sorenson broadcast technology.

Who's Who

  • Conceived by
  • Curated and Project Managed by
    • Kelli Dipple
  • Session leaders
    • Blast Theory (UK)
    • Johannes Birringer (Germany)
    • Garth Paine (Australia)
    • Company in Space (Australia)
    • Igloo (UK)