Cloud Gate 2, Taiwan

9 X Table

2004, 45 mins

The sister company to world renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Cloud Gate 2 was founded to foster young choreographers and to tour campuses and grass-root communities in Taiwan. Made up of young dancers whose training disciplines include modern dance, ballet and Tai-chi, Cloud Gate 2 aims to develop a more in-depth bond with academic and suburban communities in Taiwan through its performances, workshops and lecture-demonstrations. For its seasonal performances, Cloud Gate 2 presents works by local and international choreographers regularly as well as repertoire of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan.

Choreographed to George Phillip Telemann’s Musique de Table, 9xTable is based around a formal game structure defined by a grid of nine squares of light directed down onto a white dance floor. Nine dancers, nine duets to nine short pieces of music, with a new partner every three minutes. There is no duplication and no overall narrative. This series of intimate, playful and highly physical duets are broken only twice with two furiously paced group dances, with all squares of light blazing and all nine dancers flooding the stage with powerful, fast paced choreography that stretches these technically astonishing dancers to their limits.

9xTable was commissioned by the company and directed and designed by Charlotte Vincent. Made over five weeks in Taipei (February/March 2004) and premiered in Taipei in May 2004 the work then toured Taiwan.

Supported by The British Council, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and Taipei Artists Village.