Caravan of Lies

2000, 65 mins

‘Charlotte Vincent and her outstanding company really excel in getting under the skin of personal dilemmas that we can all recognise. They make us all feel we are on that tightrope.’ Glasgow Herald

Caravan of Lies is a lamentation for bodies that could once do extraordinary things, a sharp look at people making a spectacle of themselves. Set in an old style circus ring, with grubby sawdust and low gas lighting, Caravan of Lies weaves together three solos, compered by a clown who has seen better days.

Caravan of Lies is a show about flying imaginations and backstage bickering, a tale of spinning and soaring, rapturous applause, glittering costumes and death defying deeds. Dressing gowns, cigarettes and multiple injuries. Ridicule and mistrust. Illness, exhaustion and clapped out dreams. Hurtling towards a breathtaking and chaotic finale, the work becomes a freak show of fear and vulnerability.

Roll up, roll up, its time to get brutal and eloquent with the truth.

Caravan of Lies was commissioned by Yorkshire Dance and Arnolfini Live, supported by Swindon Dance, Greenroom, Danceworks UK, and Tramway, and funded by Sheffield City Arts, Yorkshire Arts and Arts Council England.



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