C-Scape Dance Company

When the Shops Shut


C-Scape Dance Company emerged following the active involvement of five dancers in the creation of Selling The Wind, a large-scale, site-specific work made for Boscastle Harbour in summer 2002.

Testing trust and friendship, When the Shops Shut misinterprets moments and gets into bizarre and intimate situations taking the audience through a myriad of emotions. The pieces provides an amusing glance into the lies of five very distinct characters, and results in moments of recognition of those private thoughts, emotions and unforgotten experiences which lurk somewhere within us all.

Directed by TC Howard and originally created in early 2003, When the Shops Shut was re-worked in May 2004 for three performers and has gone on to tour Cornwall as the company’s flagship work.

When the Shops Shut was the first C-Scape commission to take place and was funded by the Creative Skills Consortium, Objective One and The Works: Dance and Theatre Cornwall.