Art of Attachment credit Bosie Vincent

Art of Attachment


Throughout 2018, choreographer/director Charlotte Vincent facilitated workshops with women and children from Brighton Oasis Project to explore the complex emotional bonds that exist between women in recovery from substance misuse and their children, partners, family and friends. Vincent also took part in a panel discussion at Fabrica Gallery, delivered talks about the project at University of Sussex and Jubilee Library, recorded conversations with co-lead Artist Lemn Sissay, interviewed a range of professionals working with attachment and substance misuse and devised a new production devised by women from Brighton Oasis Project, in collaboration with Vincent Dance Theatre.

Directed by Vincent, real-life testimonies combined with movement and text to reveal the physical, emotional and psychological impact of drug and alcohol use on relationships and a feeling of belonging.

Everyone has a story to tell. Art of Attachment celebrates the everyday resilience of women and children overcoming adversity, whose stories demand to be seen and heard.

Art of Attachment is supported by Wellcome Trust.

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