Anjali Dance Company

Save The Last Dance

2005, 35 mins

‘Vincent and Howard have looked at what each dancer is capable of and blended these abilities into a piece that is atmospheric, touching and, at times, beautiful.’ Oxford Times

Anjali Dance Company is a professional contemporary dance company based at the Old Mill Arts Centre in Banbury. All Anjali’s dancers have a learning disability. The company produces and tours performances, and undertakes educational and outreach work: it is one of the first dance companies of its kind in the world. Anjali aims to show that disability is no barrier to creativity.

‘One of the brightest companies in British dance’ Donald Hutera The Times

‘Visibility, confidence and glamour….’ Josephine Leask, The Guardian

Choreographed by TC Howard with co-direction from  Chralotte Vincent, Save The Last Dance combines movement, wit, drama and athleticism and features the trademark theatrical integrity of Vincent Dance Theatre.



Who's Who

  • Choreographed by
  • Co-direction
  • Soundtrack Mixed by
    • James Harrison
    • and includes Duran Duran, Elvis Presley, Goldfrapp, Blondie, The Swing Time Orchestra, Arvo Pärt, Max Richter, Roxy Music
  • Set Design and Build
    • Andy Gutteridge
  • Lighting Design by
    • Andy Finn
  • Performed by
    • Kristian Robertson
    • Alex Hyde
    • Mark Barber
    • Kate Jenkinson (Barmaid)

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