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Look At Me Now, Mummy

By Luke Jennings

The Observer, 9 March 2008

Look at Me Now, Mummy presents a fragged-looking Lubos surrounded by the detritus of motherhood: burst balloons, soiled clothes and saucepans, rubbish all over the place. Everything, that is, except a baby. So during a series of mundane domestic tasks presented as bravura performances, and interspersed with jags of quiet weeping, Lubos makes one out of wrapping-paper and slips it in the microwave. Out it comes when she’s made a cake, but the birthday candles set it on fire, so she douses it, now messily disintegrating, in the dirty casserole.

Vincent has long felt that female directors are second-class citizens in the dance world – left to mother their companies, never fast-tracked – but this feminist subtext never overpowers Lubos’s exquisitely pitched performance or compromises the choreography’s harrowingly sustained focus. Small but beautiful.