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Falling from the High Rise of Love, Crucible Studio, Sheffield

By Maggie Lett

Sheffield Telegraph

There seemed to be an in-joke that kept the several young girls in the audience giggling enthusiastically but inexplicable during this performance of Falling From The High Rise of Love, a contemporary dance piece with a comic on board.

For the humour was generally lost on your reviewer; seeing a man apparently jerking off doesn’t rate high in my comedy stakes – perhaps it’s an age thing – no more that does a sad nerdy type introducing us to his pet eggs.

The work is a collaboration between choreographer Charlotte Vincent and pub-theatre and street-performer Stewart Lodge.

It’s a very physical piece and promisingly innovative. It’s just trying too hard to be too may things.

The comedy isn’t cleaver or surreal enough, just rather silly, really, while the dancing seems mainly intent on exploring how many ways two people’s limbs can be interlocked and freed up again.

The evening is rescued by a dazzling performance by TC Howard, whose drunken women is a treat in both comic and dance terms.