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Press reviews banner image credit Bosie VincentPress reviews banner image credit Bosie Vincent
  • Let the Mountains Lead You to Love, The Place, London

    By Gareth Evans

    The Stage, 17 April 2003

    For Vincent Dance Theatre’s tenth performance piece, Charlotte Vincent has gone to the heart of the matter with a spirited study of the many faces of love.

  • Famous for 15 Minutes and Other Tricks

    By Jenny Gilbert

    The Independent on Sunday, 6 April 2003

    Call me unsubtle but I do love a good stunt, and choreographer Charlotte Vincent is happy to provide stunts by the truckload. Not content to have found, in the striking Polish dancer Patrycja Kujawska, what one might reasonably assume to be the world’s only singing and dancing violin virtuoso, she asks the impossible of her, to play a beguiling string melody while turning slow, no handed somersaults. At a stroke the magical imagery Chagall is made flesh before your eyes.

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous, Purcell Rooms, London

    By Donald Hutera

    The Times, 27 February 2002

    Charlotte Vincent and members of her Sheffield-based Vincent Dance Theatre devised Drop Dead Gorgeous last summer, with Poland’s Dada von Bzudlow Theatre. The show, touring the UK until March 11, is a study of civilian apocalypse in a state of wartime emergency.

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Riley Theatre, Leeds

    By Stephanie Ferguson

    The Guardian, 5 November 2001

    As clouds of dust rise, they stagger, slide and crash on the shards of rubble that once was their city… Charlotte Vincent and her company of five live and die amid the horror of war in this arresting co-production with the Dada Von Bzudlow Theatre of Gdansk.

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous, Crucible Studio, Sheffield

    By Clare Jones

    Sheffield Telegraph, 2 November 2001

    They say the world changed after 11 September and that life can never be the same. Media hype? Political rhetoric? Or perhaps the zeitgeist has changed.

  • Caravan of Lies, Tramway, Glasgow

    By Mary Brennan

    The Herald, 9 February 2001

    One look at the set for this piece by Vincent Dance Theatre and you know this is not a circus you would runaway from home to join – not even if home was hell on earth. An overhead confusion of wires flutters with shabby bunting, kitchen chairs, an old tin bath.

  • Dance Was Dead Risky

    By Dawn Gorman

    Trowbridge Guardian

    Groundbreaking, powerful and effective as this piece of dance theatre is, it is unlikely that anyone at the Arc’s sellout audience last week would have admit to having enjoyed it. Because how do you admit to enjoying an intense, hour-long plus exploration of war, rape and death?

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous, Purcell Room, London

    By Stuart Sweeney

    Dance Europe

    Works on the theme of war or human rights have a special resonance for me. These artists from Poland and the UK devised this Tanztheater piece in the second half on 2001 and September 11th came during the creation process.

  • Caravan of Lies

    Metro, 24 November 2000

    Guaranteed to blow the lid off the big top

  • Caravan of Lies, Crucible Studio, Sheffield

    Sheffield Telegraph, 6 October 2000

    This circus Is the last enclave of fading sparkle as disillusioned performers cling to dreams of old glory. Friction between them is quickly and cleverly established without words. These people have a past we have blundered into as their tensions come to a head. Darker sides of personality break out, and emotions are shown in high energy, mesmeric dance or short bursts of dialogue.