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Press Reviews for “Let The Mountains Lead You to Love”

  • Let the Mountains Lead You to Love, The Place, London

    By Gareth Evans

    The Stage, 17 April 2003

    For Vincent Dance Theatre’s tenth performance piece, Charlotte Vincent has gone to the heart of the matter with a spirited study of the many faces of love.

  • Famous for 15 Minutes and Other Tricks

    By Jenny Gilbert

    The Independent on Sunday, 6 April 2003

    Call me unsubtle but I do love a good stunt, and choreographer Charlotte Vincent is happy to provide stunts by the truckload. Not content to have found, in the striking Polish dancer Patrycja Kujawska, what one might reasonably assume to be the world’s only singing and dancing violin virtuoso, she asks the impossible of her, to play a beguiling string melody while turning slow, no handed somersaults. At a stroke the magical imagery Chagall is made flesh before your eyes.