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Press Reviews for “Punch Drunk”

  • Punchdrunk, The Place, London

    By Donald Hutera

    Dance Europe, 1 May 2005

    This delicious and melancholic plunge into the impulses behind theatrical artifice is the most engaging and emotionally truest work by Vincent and her collaborators that I’ve seen.

  • Punchdrunk, Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton

    By Hannah Young

    Virtual Brighton Magazine, 21 March 2005

    Silence; Vincent Dance Theatre’s Punch Drunk starts in silence. Patrycja Kujawska stands poised before a curtain draped opening, her ivory gown and feathered hat assign grandeur to a growing sense of vulnerability.

  • Punchdrunk, The Place, London

    Kulturflash, 16 March 2005

    Punch Drunk flows beautifully but shuns any attempt at linear development. Perfect!

  • Punchdrunk, The Lowry, Manchester

    Manchester Online, 1 February 2005

    The Sheffield- based, internationally-acclaimed Vincent Dance Theatre celebrates its tenth birthday with this darkly humorous journey into shadowy world of vaudeville and burlesque.

  • Punchdrunk, Traverse Theatre

    By Ellie Carr

    Sunday Herald, 21 November 2004

    Punch Drunk, by Sheffield’s Vincent Dance theatre, is a piece about faded grandeur and past-it entertainers.

  • Punchdrunk

    By Kevin Berry

    The Stage

    The set for Punch Drunk could serve as a background for a significant painting, perhaps a forgotten Lautrec. What we see is the backstage area of a disused theatre.

  • Punchdrunk, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

    The Herald, 15 November 2004

    It’s a fierce, dark, yet edgily- funny production from a multi-talented, multi-national company celebrating 10 successful years of the show going on, regardless.

  • Punchdrunk, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

    By Kelly Apter

    The Scotsman, 15 November 2004

    The fading grandeur of vaudeville and burlesque forms the backdrops of Vincent Dance Theatre’s tenth anniversary show. Aerial artistes, slapstick clowns, fishnet- wearing strippers- they’re all here, hanging on by their fingernails to a profession in decline.

  • For Lovers of Live Performance

    By Thelma Good

    Edinburgh, 13 November 2004

    Coming to Edinburgh for the first time Vincent dance Theatre’s Punch Drunk left the audience buzzing with delight and hoping they’ll return soon.

  • Punchdrunk

    By Elizabeth Schwyzer

    The British Theatre Guide, 1 November 2004

    It’s joyful, goofy, no-holds-barred bonanza of gags, giggles and slapstick comedy. It’s also sombre, dark, and disturbing. Welcome to the backstage, morning- after, hungover world of Punch Drunk. An evening of vignettes ranging from the beautiful to the bitter, Punch Drunk fuses theatre and dance in a reeling romp through a landscape of cabaret comedy.