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Press Reviews for “Broken Chords”

  • Vincent dancers explore emotions

    By Jane Vranish

    Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 3 May 2010

    An intelligently constructed and emotionally complex piece... an incredibly rich and satisfying journey.

  • Vincent Dance Theatre adds humor to heartbreak

    By Adrienne Totino

    Pittsburgh Dance Examiner, 3 May 2010

    The blending of movement, live music, text and humor proved the wit and smarts of the company. Charlotte Vincent showed the ultimate bravery in leaving her broken heart on the stage.

  • Never has nihilism looked so good

    By Wendy Perron

    Dance Magazine, 18 April 2010

    In two full-evening works, British choreographer Charlotte Vincent matched desperation and humor in equal measure.

  • Brits Recapture New Jersey – Charlotte Vincent dances to divorce

    By Deborah Jowitt

    The Village Voice, 3 April 2007

    Rows of wooden chairs fill the stage. There must be over a hundred of them. A huge cluster of lightbulbs pretends to be a chandelier. Two soft chords are repeating: low-high, low-high. Patrycja Kujawska, barefoot and wearing a dark dress, makes her way slowly, bent over, between the first two rows of chairs.

  • Multiple Perspectives on a Relationship’s End

    By Jennifer Dunning

    New York Times, 24 March 2007

    Vincent’s 90-minute dance, performed on Thursday night as part of the Montclair State University’s adventurous Peak Performances series, is astonishingly original in the way it takes the familiar and turns it on its head. In the process Broken Chords shows the subtlety with which expressive movement, choreographed by an experienced and inspired artist, can cut to the heart of everyday reality.

  • Broken Chords, The Place, London

    By Jenny Gilbert

    The Independent, 19 March 2007

    The vitality of Britain's independent dance scene is a thing of wonder to dance watchers abroad, particularly in America, where there is no equivalent of our Arts Council to help keep small companies afloat. Most weeks of the year the Robin Howard Dance Theatre at The Place hosts productions by those companies, whose work - tiny budgets notwithstanding - is often imaginatively ambitious.

  • Broken Chords, The Place, London

    By Ann Williams Magazine, 30 March 2006

    Broken Chords is hilarious and sad all at once. Amongst all the action, a woman (Aurora Lubos) makes several incompetent attempts to kill herself by various means – once by pulling her skirt over her head and smoking frantically under it, and when this inexplicably fails, ‘hanging’ herself by attaching her leg to a chair, putting her head in a suitcase and kicking the chair away – amazingly, this attempt fails too.

  • Broken Chords, The Place, London

    By Judith Mackrell

    The Guardian, 11 March 2006

    Vincent pulls off a powerful feat - creating a moving portrait of grief while making us laugh.

  • Broken Chords, The Place, London

    By Keith Watson

    Metro, 9 March 2006

    Charlotte Vincent has struck gold with Broken Chords, which unflinchingly charts the collapse of her marriage. This is her break-up album and, hewn from the heart, it’s a work of rare beauty.

  • Extract From a Dancing British Brood in a Feast of Fancies

    By John Rockwell

    The New York Times, British Dance Review Edition, 25 February 2006

    Charlotte Vincent (from Sheffield) is also a practitioner of physical theater, but with a far more disturbing emotional range. Her Broken Chords was about the most harrowing yet inspiring transmutation of personal pain into artistic achievement that I have encountered.