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Press Reviews for “Test Run”

  • Extract from Take Your Partners? No Thanks

    By Luke Jennings

    The Observer, 9 March 2008

    Test Run sees Orlik dryly explaining the absence of the rest of the Vincent Dance Theatre ensemble - 'Two with broken legs ... one in rehab' - and rejoicing in the chance to dance 'without the usual things getting in the way. Other dancers, for example'.

  • Act One

    By Shona Craven

    The Herald, 1 February 2008

    Test Run is a tremendous fusion of virtuoso musicianship and mesmerising dance.

  • Test Run, Crucible Studio, Sheffield

    By Ian Soutar

    Sheffield Telegraph, 5 October 2007

    The distinction between contemporary dance and multi-performance and physical theatre is becoming increasingly arbitrary and Sheffield's Vincent Dance Theatre continue to push the boundaries.

  • Test Run, Crucible Studio, Sheffield

    By John Highfield

    Sheffield Star, 2 October 2007

    Here’s a surprise, a piece of contemporary dance that is both short and to the point and, even more strikingly, extremely funny.