Press reviews banner image credit Bosie VincentPress reviews banner image credit Bosie Vincent
  • Messy Narratives of Childhood

    The Psychologist, 5 March 2020

    "In Loco Parentis conveys the visceral emotional labour involved in surviving – and creating – home. ...Lubos’ brilliant early solo captures the cruel predicament of the birth mother, maternal instinct battling with her own trauma history in every twitching muscle."

  • Vincent Dance Theatre – Virgin Territory Film Installation – Margate

    By Josephine Leask

    DanceTabs, 19 March 2019

    Cinematography, dance, performance and testimonies from parents and teenagers seamlessly spill out across the four screens in a continuous interplay of riveting visual material which is both poetically abstract and grittily real

  • SHUT DOWN review by Dance in Devon

    By Jazmine Watts-Moast

    Dance in Devon, 19 March 2019

    If ‘Shut Down’ says anything, it certainly says that change is needed, and it is needed by all of us, now.

  • SHUT DOWN review by Verbal Remedy

    By Kelly Jenkins

    Verbal Remedy, 9 March 2019

    Shut Down does exactly what it intends to do: it holds a mirror to society and points out every toxic flaw it can find.

  • Virgin Territory Film Installation: Thought Provoking and Clever

    By Ruth-Anne Walbank

    SCAN Lancaster University Student Union, 16 October 2018

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- An insightful piece into the hypersexuality of our age

  • ART OF ATTACHMENT: Centre for Innovation & Research in Childhood and Youth Reflection

    By Rachel Thomson

    CIRCY at Sussex, 21 October 2018

    There is no sentimentality in this piece, it does not ask us to judge or to pity – but allows us to witness the exhausting labours involved in experiencing, acting out and recovering from trauma. There are no quick fixes nor inevitable outcomes.

  • ART OF ATTACHMENT: It felt like a conversation

    By Isobel Todd

    The Psychologist, 22 October 2018

    it is clear from the outset that an alternative version of these stories is going to be told – one that is agonisingly visceral, and often beyond words...But this is also a piece about love as an enduring source of hope.

  • SHUT DOWN Film Installation: a piece of provocation

    By Louisa Streeting

    The Badger, 30 April 2018

  • SHUT DOWN LIVE: Exeunt

    By Rohanne Udall

    Exeunt, 7 December 2017

    In this way Shut Down seems to present simultaneously a manifesto, a rebellion, a cry for help, and a mapping of the many identities ‘a man’ could take on.

  • SHUT DOWN: A Younger Theatre

    By Natalie Russett

    A Younger Theatre, 1 December 2017

    Charlotte Vincent doesn’t disappoint, proposing a multitude of socially pressing ideas with a seamless blend of dance and theatre that is executed by a talented cast of performers.