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  • Double Vision, Sallis Benney Theatre

    By Ian Ray

    The Argus, 12 March 2009

    Anarchic dancer and artist Liz Aggiss’ brand of performance has never been easy to shoehorn into any specific category, and her latest show continues to evade easy definition.

  • Charlotte Vincent on ‘Straight Talking’

    By Sally-Anne Donaldson

    1 February 2009

    Interview with Charlotte Vincent

  • Gravity and Levity ‘Shift’

    Article 19, 13 May 2008

    This time out with their new work 'Shift' the company bring us one of the most complicated set designs we have ever seen. The on-stage rigging has more ropes and pulleys than the Cutty Sark, at least until it caught fire that is (the boat not the G&L set!)

  • Defying Gravity, 1 April 2008

    At the height of her contemporary dance career Lindsey Butcher ran off to join the circus. She trained in aerial, acrobatic and juggling skills with Ra-Ra Zoo Circus Theatre - but never quite left her dance background behind. She formed her own company Gravity and Levity in 2003 and is now touring with a new show Shift which includes pieces from contemporary dance choreographers Charlotte Vincent and Charles Linehan, alongside a new work by the co-creators of Stomp - Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas.

  • Dance and Motherhood: A Pregnant Pause

    By Charlotte Vincent

    Creative & Cultural Skills website, 21 December 2007

    Since 1994, Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) has developed a reputation for making and touring heartfelt, engaging and accessible devised dance theatre productions across the UK and beyond. VDT is an Arts Council Regularly Funded Organisation, raising the rest of our income from touring, education work, grants and G4A Lottery Funding.

  • Broken Chords

    By Charlotte Vincent

    The Open Page, 12 June 2007

    Broken Chords was conceived in late 2004, when I knew my marriage was in deep trouble, and made in late summer 2005 after a long, painful and very public separation.

  • Video Interview with Charlotte Vincent

    By Susan Cunningham

    Article 19, 28 November 2005

    Charlotte Vincent returns to Article19 with an interview covering her new work "Broken Chords"

  • Wrong Footing the Audience

    By Victoria Thoms

    Dance Theatre Journal, 1 March 2005

  • Punch Drunk

    Article 19, 7 February 2005

    There are lots of dance theatre company's around, more and more it seems every day, so we bring you Vincent Dance Theatre and their latest production 'Punchdrunk'. It may well be 'theatre' but is it art dear reader? Watch and find out for yourself.

  • Made in Taiwan

    By Charlotte Vincent

    British Council Magazine , 7 September 2002

    I am writing this from my room in Chuwei, Taipei County, as the fury of typhoon Sinlaku, the breadfruit goddess of Micronesia, heads straight for us.