2016 VDT VT Workshops

Here are some thoughts from participants about their experience of the Virgin Territory workshops:

It opened my mind to both sides of the situation and made me really think about sexualisation on both boys and girls. Participant Brighton

I thought it was very interesting and I really enjoyed it, I found it to be a good experience and would do it again. Participant Brighton

I really found the workshop very interesting and have signed up for the newsletter. I look forward to doing something with the company again. Participant Brighton

I found it very informative and educational. Really enjoyed myself and would love to do it again. Participant Brighton

It was an unforgettable moment for all of us and we were very privileged to be part of a choreographic research! The children clearly understood it and every project we do now makes more sense to them. Participant London

Some words people used to describe the Virgin Territory Workshops were:

Insightful, challenging, but safe
Engaging, creative, empowering
Sad for boys and girls in todays world
Awareness, interesting, NECESSARY
Honest, educational, deep
It was hard
Really loved it thank you
Open, powerful, fun. Would have done even more time permitting. Thank you so much. Great for everyone.

People also told us that:

Having a ‘staged environment’ was exciting, interesting and triggered the imagination

We created a really ‘safe space’ where people could go deeply into the questions / issues raised if they wanted to

Participants were clearly willing and wanting to offering their stories

Tasks across disciplines to offer different ‘ways in’ to the subject matter

Some tasks were ‘softer’, some ‘harder’ so that if you didn’t want to engage in the personal / ‘harder’ tasks you didn’t have to

The final group task that looked at hopeful ways forward was needed and helpful

Each session threw up at least one person Sian and Charlotte would like to further interview to gather stories for the work and the documentary

Most groups expressed a desire to return.