2016 VDT Creative Workshops London

In February/March 2016 VDT facilitators Sian Williams and Elise Phillips ran Virgin Territory workshops at The Place, London, working with 8 London community groups and a range of individuals (80 people, ages 5-75 years from all backgrounds).

Participants were introduced to the staged space and, after a short discussion about the theme of the room, participants worked on as many of the 16 self-guided tasks as they wanted to, alone or in small groups. Some tasks were about making, some writing, some reading, some talking, some drawing. After sharing what had resonated for them, the session closed with everyone contributing to VDT’s ongoing social awareness campaign #VDTEverydayAction.

Subject matter of the 16 tasks ranged from: everyday sexism to gender in warfare, child pageantry, media representation of women in music videos, stoning, the over-exposure of female bodies in the media/press, feminism, online-vs-real identity, consent, power, role models, hope, and intimacy.

You can see people’s responses from these workshops in our photo galleries below.