“Vitally important social messages way beyond the parameters of theatre and dance”  DanceTabs

Critically acclaimed for translating real-life testimonies into beautifully crafted performance work, Vincent’s In Loco Parentis sheds light on the extraordinary resilience of care-experienced young people, demanding that their stories be seen and heard.

Three adult and two extraordinary young performers combine movement, strong visual imagery and spoken word to explore the cycles of rupture and repair that drive children into care. The work exposes the emotional impact that foster care and adoption has on young people’s lives and reflects on everyone’s need to feel safe and to belong.

Age Guidance 14+

In Loco Parentis was captured at Connaught Theatre, Worthing on 3 March 2020. The work contains content and explores themes that some people may find upsetting. If you are affected by the themes, need support or know someone who may need support, please click here for a list of helplines.

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Reviews and Audience Feedback

“Agonisingly visceral and often beyond words”The Psychologist

‘’I watched your show online … and was utterly gripped the whole way through.  I found it beautiful, highly emotional and at times painful to watch.  It has really stayed with me.  I just wanted to let you know, I would also definitely see it again live.’’Online audience member

‘’That was fantastic. Harrowing in places and true and beautiful. I am so glad I got to see it. Thanks for putting it online.’’Online audience member

‘’Subverting all my expectations of narrative, dance, theatre, ‘In Loco Parentis’ kept me on the edge of my emotional seat. A powerful, respectful exposition of developmental trauma and its physical and emotional consequences. Dance was exactly the right choice. I was in tears.’’Audience member, Worthing

‘’Still thinking about @VincentDT In Loco Parentis – a brutal, disturbing, raw window into the world of foster care. Well done to the company for being bold enough to create it and to @BarnsleyCivic for being brave enough to programme it.’’Head of Creative Programming & Engagement, Rotherham Borough Council

‘’I hadn’t expected to be as emotional as I was. Absolutely enthralling dance and theatre. Profoundly moving.’’ – Online audience member 

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