VDT 2013 Dena Lague Mentoring

‘I felt Charlotte was very appropriate. Her personality, experience and passion was very inspiring, assuring and thought provoking.’

In 2013 as part of Dance UK’s Dancers’ Mentoring Programme, jazz/contemporary dancer Dena worked with Charlotte to clarify career goals and intentions and interrogate ideas for a new duet work.

‘I realised ways in which I can combine my pursuits as Head of Dance at The Brighton Academy together with my choreographic and creative research. I have gained critical analysis of my first choreographic piece and discussed ways to develop and process my future work. I have developed an ability to self evaluate. I have written during the process about my first choreographic experience as well as a document supporting creative exploration for The Brighton Academy directors. Charlotte has also helped me to start a relationship with South East Dance and The Dome. I had the pleasure of attending a Table Event hosted by Charlotte and also a workshop with Charlotte called Developing the Choreographic Process. We have also discussed how to manage family life alongside careers, something that is hugely apparent for female dancers of my age.’