Bridie Gane 2019

VDT Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent has supported Scotland-based dancer and choreographer Bridie Gane through the research phase of new intergenerational work, The Sylph, The Vixen and The Bombshell.

Perfomers of three generations will play with different portrayals of women, hopping between superheroines to cowgirls, Audrey Hepburn to The Shirelles. Taking well known images of female characters in media and violently clashing them together to create new Frankenstein-like archetypes. In contrast to perceived ideas of how women should behave at different ages, this piece explores, evaluates and revels in the collision of these unexpected juxtapositions. Aiming to overcome gender and age-related bias, with women no longer in supporting roles but telling their own stories.’

Charlotte offered remote support throughout the studio based work Bridie undertook with her performers, offering insight and reflection into the work being developed and its future potential.