Ruth Ben Tovim

UK, Dramaturgy / Research Practitioner

Ruth is the Creative Director of Encounters. As a professional artist and consultant, she has used the transformational power of the arts to work with thousands of people over the last 20 years. Encountershas developed a professional practice as forensic artists working on location to discover and represent real people and places. Using disused shop spaces, street based interventions, interactive media, text, performance and photography they create interaction with and in response to residents and the immediate urban environment. As an individual artist Ruth specialises in arts science work, including a six-month residency at CNAP, a microbial gene centre at York University and a residency at Gallery Oldham as part of the Arts Catalyst Clean Rooms exhibition exploring bio-ethics. Before moving to Sheffield in 2000 Ruth was based in London where she was the artistic director of Louder Than Words Productions, at the Young Vic Theatre. She also works as a consultant in the field of arts and regeneration and is based in Totnes.